Présence Bourbon, created in 2013, aims to promote the tangible and intangible heritage linked to the Bourbons in their province of origin; The Bourbonnais, in particular by the safeguarding, restoration and maintenance of the castles of Bostz and of Fourchaud.

One of the association’s projects is to open the royal domain of Besson-en-Bourbonnais to the public. The estate is home to the Fourchaud fortress (15th century), the Château du Vieux-Bostz (16th century) and the royal residence of the New Bost (19th century), a holiday chateau for the Princes of Bourbon-Parma and Lobkowicz. Bostz has received the visits of many personalities such as: the reigning Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parmes or Zita of Bourbon-Parma, last Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

dessin château Fourchaud

The Présence Bourbon association welcomes enthusiasts of heritage, old stones and culture. Since 2013, our activities have been largely focused on the Château de Fourchaud but since 2019, the safeguarding of the Château du Vieux Bostz has become one of our priorities. Our projects are essentially rescue projects, but we also offer conferences, concerts, hosting events in magnificent settings set up by the private domain of the Bourbon – Lobkowicz princely family.

You will find on the site all of our activities, a little history and some photos that allow you to see the extent of the work done by volunteers (2500 hours of work in 2017, more than 6000 hours in 2019).

This site is under development, it will grow over time.

You can support us in different ways by becoming a member : participate in our safeguarding projects, participate in our projects or their financing, whether they are punctual like the creation of a vegetable patch, an orchard or more important and directly linked to buildings. You can also attend our conferences or concerts, participate in our events (hikes, plant market, etc.), help enrich our documentation, help organize events, or simply come and visit us.

Together, let’s save our heritage!